Elena Bushberg: “For our company, it’s crucial to foster genuine and trustworthy partnerships”

Olainfarm consistently participates in the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit, a premier event organised by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club. For the second consecutive year, the company proudly supports this pivotal gathering as a “Pharmaceutical Partner”. Elena Bushberg, Executive Director of Olainfarm spoke with Natalia Baeva, Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club, about the company’s strategy in the region, its approach to partner relationships and the execution of digital projects.

Natalia Baeva, Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club: Olainfarm has been an active participant in the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit for several years, underscoring the region’s significance to your company. Could you elaborate on the strategy you’re pursuing in this region?

Elena Bushberg, Executive Director of Olainfarm: Central Asia holds a pivotal role in our strategic focus. After a thorough analysis of economic indicators and growth prospects, we’ve aligned our strategy accordingly. The region’s politics also factor significantly into our decision-making. We identified key countries for expanding our workforce, investing in technology, and fostering educational initiatives. Notably, in Uzbekistan, we recognize the government’s initiative as catalysts for rapid economic advancement.

The summit provides a unique chance to delve into the dynamics of these countries, staying abreast of new regulations and emerging trends to navigate them adeptly. Take serialization, for instance, already in force in Uzbekistan and soon to roll out in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Our conference engagements have been instrumental in grasping these requirements and adjusting accordingly. Case in point: in Uzbekistan, we pioneered supplying labeled products from overseas. We’re geared up to tackle similar challenges in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with equal success.

Natalia Baeva, Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club: Tell us what approach you take when developing relationships with partners.

Elena Bushberg, Executive Director of Olainfarm: We firmly believe that strong partnerships are the cornerstone of business growth. When selecting partners, we meticulously assess their operations in their respective countries, as this is crucial to us. We prioritize sincerity and transparency in our relationships, fostering trust as the foundation for collaboration. At the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit 2023, we were honored to receive the “Partnership of the Year” award for our collaboration with Meros Pharm. Prior to forging an exclusive partnership with them, we thoroughly evaluated their market operations, growth strategies, approached to staff development and motivation, and logistics schemes. This firsthand experience cemented our decision to embark on an exclusive partnership, propelling us forward together and injecting fresh momentum into our endeavors.

Natalia Baeva, Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club: Over the past two years, you’ve also been honored with awards in the “Digital Project of the Year” category. What guiding principles does the company follow when developing and executing digital initiatives?

Elena Bushberg, Executive Director of Olainfarm: The crux of our digital projects lies in a broader philosophy beyond mere channel digitalization, as channels merely serve as conduits for conveying key messages. Patient-centricity is paramount in all our digital endeavors. Recognizing the challenges patients face in acknowledging their needs and accepting their situations, we prioritize emotional well-being and access to information. Rather than selecting digital tools first, we craft concepts on effective patient communication and doctor-patient rapport. Take “Cosmic Calm”, for instance. In response to rising anxiety levels globally, especially among young patients, this project aims to foster trust between parents and doctors. By providing valuable insights into symptoms and enabling seamless communication, it empowers parents to intervene early while granting doctors access to patient diaries for tailored treatment. Launched in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, this initiative involves approximately 3,000 neurologists collaborating with parents and young patients.

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