Eurasian Pharma Awards

Eurasian Pharma Awards 2023: Olainfarm and Meros Pharm are…

In 2023 in the competition for the Eurasian Pharma Awards in the nomination “Partnership of the Year” the award was presented to Olainfarm and Meros Pharm.

The transformation of collaboration between Olainfarm, a leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltics, and Meros Pharm, a leader in pharmaceutical distribution in Uzbekistan, along with increased investments in product promotion and improvements in both international and local logistics, has yielded tangible results that allow to develop ambitious plans for the future. The exclusive agreement has ensured the availability of Olainfarm products in over 4,000 pharmacies and has led to a 65% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Elena Bushberg, Executive Director of Olainfarm, highlighted: «As a proverb says a tree is held by its roots, and a person is held by their family and heritage. I would add that success in business is held by good partners».

Eurasian Pharma Awards

Top managers of Meros Pharm are “Leaders of the…

Top managers of Meros Pharm, founder Nasim Komilov and CEO Hayyom Sharapov have become the winners of the contest for the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2023 in the nomination “Leader of the Year”.

The competition for the Eurasian Pharma Awards was held for the fourth time by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club as a part of the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit. 97 applications for awards were received from pharmaceutical production companies, distributors and pharmacy chains.

Meros Pharm has been providing citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan with medicines for 15 years and has become the market leader with a share of more than 30%. The portfolio of Meros Pharm includes medicines from more than 400 suppliers. The company provides jobs to more than 1200 Uzbek people, who are proud of their involvement in supporting the health of their compatriots.


Hayyom Sharapov, CEO, Meros Pharm (Uzbekistan) shared insights on…

In a world of rapidly evolving pharmaceutical markets, companies that can adapt to new challenges and maintain the highest standards of quality stand out. Meros Pharm, a leading pharmaceutical company in Uzbekistan, is one such company. Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Hayyom Sharapov, CEO, Meros Pharm (Uzbekistan), as he shares his insights on the company’s priorities in the Eurasia region, its strategy for building long-term partnerships, and its ability to adapt to industry changes.

Here’s what he had to say about Meros Pharm’s strategy and prospects.

What are the priorities for your company in the Eurasia region? In which countries and what segments do you see the most prospects for your company?

For Meros Pharm, as the leading pharmaceutical company in Uzbekistan, building long-term relationships with partners is one of the priority strategic directions. We have been working with the leading manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus for more than 10 years. For Meros Pharm the main value is to provide the population of Uzbekistan with high-quality, safe medicines, in order to ensure this we select only the most reliable manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

What trends having the most impact on pharmaceutical markets in the countries of the Eurasian region do you highlight for your company?

Currently, the countries of the Eurasia region are experiencing developments in business culture. Business is becoming more transparent and structured, therefore, by building relationships with partners in Eurasian countries, Meros Pharm is improving its business processes, leveling up its employees’ professionalism and work in accordance with all the requirements and challenges of the contemporary pharmaceutical market.

What planned regulatory changes may affect the development of the pharmaceutical markets in the Eurasian region?

The global economy is currently going through a rather challenging turning point. Let us remember, for example, COVID which taught us to work remotely and other more serious political events taking place in Eurasia. These events do not slow down the development of the legal framework regulating the pharmaceutical market. As we see, all the introduced innovations are aimed at eliminating the import of counterfeit products and regulating prices, as a result, the consumer will receive high-quality pharmaceutical drugs at an affordable price.