SANTO is the winner in nominations “Local Company of the Year” and “Exporter of the Year”

The Kazakh company SANTO, a member of the Polpharma Group of Companies, is the winner in 2 nominations of the contest for the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2023. The company has become the best in nominations “Local Company of the Year” and “Exporter of the Year”.

SANTO is a leading pharmaceutical company in Central Asia, its medicines portfolio includes more than 240 names in 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups. The company is implementing the major investment project to modernize existing pharmaceutical production facilities in accordance with the international GMP standards, which financing has already amounted to around 108 million dollars.

SANTO supplies effective, safe and high quality pharmaceutical drugs to the market of Kazakhstan; the company’s products are exported to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. At the moment, SANTO is exploring opportunities for export of medicines to Afghanistan. In 2022 the share of export from total sales exceeded 25%. The market of Kyrgyzstan especially stands out – since the opening of the representative office there in 2015 the company’s position reached the leading place in this country. So SANTO is currently number one not only in Kazakhstan but also in Kyrgyzstan. Uzbekistan also demonstrates an increase in sales.

Managing Director of SANTO Adam Aleksiejuk and Country Manager of SANTO in Uzbekistan Mirolim Fayziev were invited to the stage to receive awards.

Adam Aleksiejuk thanked the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale event and highlighted: “At SANTO, we consider Central Asia as the most promising region for the Polpharma Group of Companies and undoubtedly we see Uzbekistan as the country with the prospects for future growth”.

Mirolim Fayziev emphasized: “Indeed, in Kazakhstan SANTO is the largest local company and a major exporter. Rapidly developing Uzbekistan is very attractive for investors. I hope that in the future the company will be localized in Uzbekistan as well and will become not only an importer but also a large exporter”.

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