Opening the Doors to the World of Health: Interview with Hakan Erturk, CEO, Russia & CIS, Solgar

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders Club is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Hakan Erturk, a leading expert and CEO of Solgar Russia & CIS region, who shares his insights and plans for development in the growing markets of the Eurasia region.

Health as the Main Priority: Modern society is increasingly striving for a healthy lifestyle, and Solgar is focused on providing quality products that contribute to well-being. We will tell you about the countries and health segments that Hakan Erturk sees as the most promising.

Trends Shaping the Future: Hakan Erturk provides his perspective on trends influencing health and pharmaceutical markets in the Eurasia region. He will discuss the growing interest in disease prevention and innovative products that cater to the needs of modern consumers.

Regulations and Challenges: Market development is always connected with regulatory changes. What innovations are expected, and how is Solgar preparing for them? Hakan Erturk provides an overview of planned changes and explains how the company plans to maintain the high quality of its products.

Hakan Erturk is an inspiring figure, closely monitoring trends and regulations in the world of pharmaceuticals. His opinions and experience serve as valuable guides for the successful development of Solgar in the territories of Russia and the CIS.

What are the priorities for your company in the Eurasia region? In which countries and what segments do you see the most prospects for your company?

In our business, we pay significant attention to the development of nutrient intake culture. Moreover, not only among the population but also within the pharmaceutical community because nowadays this segment is rapidly developing in the world as a separate category. We see development prospects in such countries as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

What trends having the most impact on pharmaceutical markets in the countries of the Eurasian region do you highlight for your company?

The main trend that we see is the growing interest in nutritional support, namely the regular intake of dietary supplements on a daily basis. Globally, tangible increase occurred during and after the pandemic, including among healthcare professionals. The intake and use of dietary supplements in traditional medical practice is especially discussed, to reduce the burden on the healthcare system by focusing on certain categories of chronic diseases.

What planned regulatory changes may affect the development of the pharmaceutical markets in the Eurasian region?

We highlight such problematic areas as regulation of cross-border trade when it comes first of all to consumer safety, adaptation of the level of allowable daily dosages in accordance with international standards, customs duties for some countries where they are significantly overestimated, not only for imports, but also export and purchase of raw materials.

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