Eurasian Pharma Awards

NIKA PHARM is the “Local Company of the Year”

Uzbek company NIKA PHARM has become the winner in the nomination “Local Company of the Year” at the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2023 contest.

NIKA PHARM is consistently among the top three local producers in Uzbekistan. The company has already registered more than 100 pharmaceutical drugs and 37 dietary supplements. The company’s products are promoted both in the Uzbek market and overseas. NIKA PHARM is continuously working to improve product quality, and confirmation by international inspections open the gateway for them to new markets. Agreements with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development further validate NIKA PHARM’s status as a steadily developing company.

Sergey Kim, CEO of NIKA PHARM, expressed his gratitude to the organisers for the opportunity to participate in such a high-level event and thanked them for the awards and received recognition.