Eurasian Pharma Awards

VIVA PHARM from Kazakhstan is the winner in the…

One of the winners in the nomination “Local Company of the Year” of the contest for the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 was the Kazakh company VIVA PHARM.

VIVA PHARM has been successfully operating in the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan for 23 years. Over the past 3 years, the company’s production volume has increased by 2.5 times. The company is actively developing exports to the countries of Central Asia.

The company’s owner Baturbek Mashkeev was invited to receive the award.

Eurasian Pharma Awards

NIKA PHARM is the winner of the Eurasian Pharma…

One of the winners of the competition for the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 in the nomination “Company of the Year (Local)” was the Uzbek company “NIKA PHARM”.

In 2021, the company remained a prominent player in the local pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan, achieving high sales and establishing itself as one of the largest exporters in the country.

CEO of ASKLEPIY Group Said Talibov expressed gratitude to the NIKA PHARM team for exceptional work and highlighted that the award serves as a driving force for the company’s continuous growth.